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یاد رہے کہ عید 15 جون کو ہوگی

How Islamic Month Begins

Hadith: Soomu li-ru'yatihi

Video about Ru'yat (Urdu)

The earliest authentic new moon sighting that we received was from Fullerton, CA, seen by four Muslims using optical aids.
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Ever Wonder Why?

(1) Translation of Quran in any other language was prohibited by Fatwas till about 1000 AD.

(2) 300 years ago, when clocks and watches were invented; use of those devices for prayer times was not allowed by Ulamaa'.

(3) 120 years ago, in India, calculated Prayer Times were not acceptable per Fatwas by Ulamaa'.

(4) 60 years ago, loud speakers use for Prayers was considered Haraam, per Fatwas by Ulamaa' in Indo-Pak.

(5) 50 years ago, taking picture for ID or passports was considered Haraam, per Fatwas by Ulamaa'.

(6) For decades and even now Muslims think telescope sighting is not valid, but many Ulamaa' (Scholars) accept it now.

It takes decades, even centuries for Ulamaa' to accept science and scientific knowledge and remain reluctant to do Ijtihaad.

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