Moonsighting for Shawwal 1442
1442 AH

Saudi Arabia Official Announcement is that on Tuesday, May 11,2021, the Shawwal moon was not sighted. Therefore, 1st day of Shawwal will be on May 13, Thursday.

Al urjoonul qadeem of Ramadan 1442: May 11 & May 10, 2021

Above is Old Crescent Moon (End of Ramadan 1442 AH), May 10, 2021 - Photo Provided by MCW member Mr AR Sugeng Riyadi from Rowasiya Observatory, Bendo Ketitang Juwiring Klaten Central Java Indonesia. This waning crescent was captured before sunrise.
Click on the photo above to see full size.

MCW member Irshad Sait, President of HiJRI COMMITTEE of INDIA reported: Photo of Urjoonal Qadeem like phase of waning moon taken today, Monday, 28th of Ramadhan 1442 (May 10, 2021) from Chennai, India, taken by Sister Naseema Naufal from Lat: 13.0827� N & Long: 80.2707� E ; Time: 04:55 am IST. The illumination was 2.6 % & the Altitude was about 3� and horns were at 5 & 9 positions.
Click on the photo above to see full size.

New Crescent Moon of Shawaal 1442:
The Astronomical New Moon (conjunction) is on May 11, 2021 (Tuesday) at 19:00 UT.
On May 11, the moon can not be seen any where in the world. On May 12, it may be seen in Western Africa and Americas. On May 13, the moon can be seen in the whole world (See visibility curves).

The earliest reported sighting of the new crescent was on Wednesday, May 12, 2021 from Morocco and Spain.

May 11, 2021 (Tuesday):

    No Moonsighting is possible anywhere.

May 12, 2021 (Wednesday):

  • Afghanistan:

    1. Not Seen: MCW member Engr M Ibrahim Mayar from Kabul reported: Today, Wednesday,May 12, 2021, after sunset from my Resident, I tryed to see Shewal new moon. The sky was rather clear other than a small patch of cloud at WNW; but the elevation of moon was about 2.5 degrees, too low to see the new moon due to the Kabul city western mountain. Therefore, the new moon could not sighted.

  • Australia:

    1. Not Seen: MCW member Falcon Raja, from Sydney, NSW reported: On May 12, there were cloud patches coming out of horizon. Otherwise sky is mostly clear. On 12 MY I was unable to see the moon in Auburn Sydney NSW Australia.

    2. Not Seen: MCW member Abbas Aly, from Triforce reported: On May 12, Moon was not sighted in Sydney. Furthermore it was very cloudy on the horizon. Imam Hasan Centre will continue to complete 30 days - with EID on Friday 14th May 2021

    3. Not Seen: MCW member Dr Shabbir Ahmed, President of Qubaa association of Western Sydney, NSW reported: Today (Wednesday) 12th of May 2021, the Hilal of SHAWWAL 1442 has not been sighted anywhere in Australia. Therefore, the month of SHAWWAL 1442 will begin from Friday, 14th of May 2021.

    4. Not Seen: MCW member Moussa Khalife from Sydney, NSW reported: Today is Wednesday 12th of may 2021 , we have not sighted the moon in sydney Australia so tomorrow Thursday 13th of may is the last day of Ramadan 1442H

  • Barbados:

    1. Seen: MCW member Mohammed Patel from Bridgetown reported: Om Wednesday 12th May, 2021 the Crescent was SEEN. Orientation: 4 O'clock to 7 O'clock. Therefore we had 29 days of Ramadan. Insha'Allah, The day of Eid will be on Thursday 13th May,2021.

  • Cameroon:

    1. Not Seen: MCW member Abdoul Karimi Fatihi, from Douala reported: The Crescent moon of Shawwal 1442AH has not been sighted in Douala yesterday 12th of May, but official announcement the Eid el Fitr declared as on 13th of May 2021.

  • Canada:

    1. Seen: Mr Ishaq Majeed from Ottawa, Ontario reported: We (a group of 7 Muslims) sighted the new moon of Shawwal in Maryland. Clear skies, about 60 degrees farenheit. The moon was about 45 degrees southwest from the Planet venus.

    2. Seen: Dr MohammadHadi Baligh from , Ontario reported: I just saw the moon in Ottawa at 8:55 pm. Just left-up of the sunset position and left below of a bright planet which I believe was Venus (actually very close to it). A very faint but long arc.

    3. Seen: MCW member Shahid Rashid from Mississauga Ontaio reported: Sighted. I went with my two sons 16 and 23 years old. We sighted the moon with lot of difficulty after 30 minutes of sunset. The moon was very faint and extremely difficult to find. Allah helped us because there was small star and I was looking through binoculars whether that was the glimpse of the moon or what and after few minutes of staring at it, the moon appeared in my view but still kept disappearing. It was really a marvelous sight Alhamdulillah. Note the moon was almost 30 hours old and still so faint.

    4. Seen: MCW member Shakeel Anwar from Mississauga Ontaio reported: Alhamdullilah the hilal was sighted tonight at 9:15pm on May 12th, 2021. The moon was approximately 3 degrees above the Western horizon in the constellation Taurus the Bull. The horns of the moon were oriented pointing to the northwest, in approximately a 10 o'clock orientation. To the right of the moon was the planet Venus. Click on the picture to see full size showing both the hilal and Venus.

    5. Not Seen: MCW member Muneeb Siddiqui from Milton, Ontario reported: Today, Wednesday May 12, 2021, I went out to look for the new moon in Milton, Ontario soon after sunset. The horizon was clear and planet Venus was easily visible. But I was not able to spot the new moon for Shawwal 1442 AH.

  • Chile:

    1. Seen in Panama: MCW member Muhammad Sohail from Iquique reported: In Chile the moon is not sighted but from Panama, we get the shahadah for the new moon. So the first Shawal will be on May 13, 2021.

  • Egypt:

    1. Not Seen: MCW member Dr Hisham M. Hamed from Cairo reported: Tonight, here in Giza (30.0�N, 31.2�E) Wed, May 12th, the Hilal of Shawwal did NOT appear. Apparent sunset was at 18:40. Best time was at 18:59. A friend of mine and I started our observation attempt just after Maghreb prayers, at around 18:55. We took several photos of a beautiful Moonless twilight. A few of these were taken with my Nikon D3100 with 300mm (equivalent) Zoom lens. The crescent width was only 11.2 arcseconds. The True Arc of Light was 9�07'31". The Arc of Vision at Moonset was 8.255�. Pressure, Temperature, and relative humidity were 1009.6mb, 28.0�C, and 35.0% respectively. The visibility was very good. The sub-solar limb of the Moon was below the threshold of point source visibility by: 1.852542 magnitudes/arcsec�. No wonder the crescent did not appear.

  • Ghana:

    1. Not Seen (but Official Announcement): MCW member Malik Salifu Shaban from Garu Bawku reported: The crescent for the month of Shawal 1442/2021 was not seen here in Garu and the whole of upper east region and beyond, today Tuesday 12th May 2021. I started sighting effort before sunset with my colleagues. I called my friends from neibouring villages and towns but the moon was not seen. The National Chief Imam however announced earlier that the Eid would be observed on Thursday, 13th May 2021.

    2. Seen: MCW member Baba Abdulai from Tamale reported: AlhamduliLlaah the crescent for the month of Shawwal was sighted in Ghana today 12th May, 2021. It was sighted at Guntingli community in Yendi District and also at Wichau community in Wa (Upper West Region). Another positive sighting report also came from Kalpohini (a suburb of Tamale). Sorry for the late report. I had a lot of challenges trying to confirm and coordinate the sighting reports that came to my notice. I personally did not see the crescent. There was a long dark horizontal cloud at the western horizon. The few people who saw the crescent reported that it was sighted before Maghrib, after which it disappeared behind the long dark cloud. Finally a radio announcement was aired, informing the general public about the sightings.

  • Grenada:

    1. Seen: MCW member Farid Patel, St George's Carribeans reported: Moon was not sighted in Grenada but accepted sighting from Trinidad n Barbados. Eid is on May 13, Thurday.

  • Guyana:

    1. Seen: MCW member Dr Muhammad Hafiz from Rose Hall Town, Berbice reported: The Hilaal for Shawwal 1442 AH was seen today on 12th May,2021 after sunset by the members of the Rose Hall Town Masjid in Guyana as reported by Muraad Hafiz. It was also seen at Bartica, Guyana on this date. Eid Ul Fitr in Guyana will InshaAllah be on Thursday, May, 13th, 2021.

  • India:

    1. Not Seen: MCW member Zaid Duch from GUJARAT, INDIA reported: On Wednesday, 12th of May 2021 (29 Ramadan, 1442) between 18:45 to 19:50 (Sunset 19:10 & Moonset 19:44) at Location: Navi Masjid, Nadiad, Gujarat, India; we group of 15 people attempted to sight the crescent moon (Hilal) of Shawwal. We were not able to sight the Hilal.

    2. Not Seen: MCW member Md Ohidullah from Birbhum, West Bengal reported: Today's Evening (Wednesday) 12th of May 2021AD, The Crescent moon of Shawwal 1442AH has not been sighted in Birbhum of West Bengal in INDIA. Also, NAKHODA MOSJID ROOYAT-E-HILAL COMMITTEE of Kolkata, and BENGAL IMAM ASSOCIATION have declared that tomorrow, Thursday 13th May will be the 30TH of RAMADHAN . So, Friday 14th May will be EID_UL_FITR 1442AH.

    3. Not Seen (but Official Announcement): MCW member Rasheed Usman, Kozhikode, Kerala reported: The State of Kerala completed 30 days of Ramadan today Wednesday 12th of May, 2021. Eid declared by Qazis and Kerala Hilal Committee as on Thursday 13th May, 2021.

    4. Not Seen: MCW member Dr Sayyad Mohd Arshi from Dehradun reported: In Dehradun, 12th May 2021 is 29th Ramazan ul Mubarak 1442 hijri (Wednesday) me & my family tried to see the moon 1442 hijri Shawwal ul Mukarram at my home from 06:45 pm to 07:30 pm moon was not sighted, horizon was clear. Qazi e Shaher has declared that Eid ul Fitr to be Celebrated on 14th May 2021 (Friday).

  • Indonesia:

    1. Not Seen (but Official Announcement): MCW member AR Sugeng Riyadi from Rowasiya Observatory reported: The new crescent of Shawwal 1442 AH was NOT SIGHTED from my location at Rowasiya and Assalaam Observatory, Solo Central Java Indonesia, on Wednesday, May 12, 2021 even by telescope and image processing, because the sky was totally cloudy.
      However, for information that in our country the formal rukyat and itsbat was conducted on Tuesday (May 11, 2021) as the 29th of Ramadhan 1442 AH. On itsbat council by the Ministry of Relegious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia declared that the 1st of Shawwal 1442 AH will start on Thursday, May 13, 2021.

  • Iran:

    1. Seen: Mr Mohsen Nahvir from Quchan, Iran reported: Here is the moon seen in Iran (Quchan) on May 12, 2021. This photo was taken by Majeed Elahi. The qyality of the photo is not clear so, we omitted that.

  • Kenya:

    1. Not Seen: MCW member Muhammad A Said from Mombasa reported: On 12th May 2021/ 29th of Ramadhan, the weather was cloudy. I tried to search for the crescent for shawal with a Telescope but I was not able to see it.

    2. Not Seen: MCW member Ali Mohamed from Mombasa reported: According to the Chief Kadhi of Kenya, Mufti of Tanzania and Mufti of Zanzibar. Together they have announced tomorrow to complete 30 days of Ramadan. Therefore the month of Shawwal 1442 will be on Friday, 14th of May 2021.

  • Lebanon:

    1. Not Seen: MCW member Dr Hadi Jafar from Beirut reported: I could not sight the crescent moon of Shawwal this evening May 12, 2021 in Beirut. I started scanning the western horizon at 7:32 PM local time right after sunset with a pair of binoculars. Venus was clearly visible with the binocular first and 10 minutes after with the naked eye. The moon was supposed to be right below at 4 degrees above the slightly hazy horizon at 7:45. However it was not visible.

  • Morocco:

    1. Seen: MCW member Zakaria Guelzim from Rabat reported: This is to inform you that today Wednesday 12th of May 2021, I was not able to sight the hilal of Shawwal after sunset in Bouznika, near Rabat. A friend of mine was able to take a picture of the new moon in the city of Mohammedia using a binocular. The Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs announced that the Hilal was seen and thus the 1st of Shawwal in Morocco is Thursday 13th of May.

  • Mozambique:

    1. Not Seen: Mr Adnan Munaf from Mozambique reported: On May 12, moon was sighted by people from many regions ..North side...East Side and South Side. Local Ulama, that Eid will be celebrated tomorrow.

  • New Zealand:

    1. Not Seen: MCW member Dr Wajid Hussain from Palmerston North reported: The Hilal Committee of Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand (FIANZ) just announced that the moon of Shawal has NOT been sighted today on May 12. Therefore Eidul Fitre will be on Friday 14 May 2021.

  • Nigeria:

    1. Not Seen: MCW member HabibuRahman Yunus, Yola, Adamawa State reported: We tried to observe the crescent moon for the month of Shawwal, 1442 today [Wednesday] 12th May, 2021 from sunset till 6:56 pm [33 minutes after sunset] here in Hore-Lade Central Masjid, Yola, Adamawa State, Nigeria. The crescent moon was not sighted. But, the National Moon Sighting Committee Nigeria, had announced tomorrow, May 13Thursday as first day of Shawwal.

  • Oman:

    1. Not Seen (but Official Announcement): MCW member Sulaiman Al Salmi from Muscat reported: Oman Authorites havee declared that tomorrow Thursday May 13, 2021 is first day of the month of Shawaal

  • Pakistan (but Official Announcement):

    1. Not Seen: Ex MCW member Shafqat Qamar from Rawalpindi reported: I would like to inform you that due to cloudy weather in Rawalpindi, I could not see moon today. But accoroding to official statement of Markazi Royat Hilal Commmittee, moon has been sighted in Pakistan. So Eid would be celeberated on 13 May 2021.

  • South Africa:

    1. Not Seen: MCW member Rashid Motala from Durban reported: On the evening of Wednesday 12 May 2021, the Hilaal was NOT sighted in South Africa. Therefore Shawwal 1442 will commence on Friday, 14 May 2021 in South Africa.

  • Spain:

    1. Seen: MCW member Gabriel Jairod�n Riaza from Madrid reported: Islamic Commission of Spain announces that Thursday, 13 May 2021, is the first day of Shawwal 1442 and Eid ul-Fitr.

  • Sri Lanka:

    1. Not Seen: MCW member Suhail Patel from Colombo reported: The CRESCENT for the month of Shawwal has not been sighted in Sri Lanka. Month of Ramadan will be 30 days. First day of Shawwal will be 14th (Friday) May 2021.

    2. Not Seen: MCW member Nular Bary from Colombo reported: Today (May 12, 2021) 29th of Ramadan rainy evening; the Colombo western sky was cloudy and New Moon was not sighted any ware in the Island, Hence The Colombo Grand Mosque Hilal Committee decided to complete the month of Ramadan 30 days and start month Sawwal on 14th. Friday April 2021.Eid is on Friday in Sri Lanka

  • Tanzania:

    1. Not Seen, but 30 days are completed: MCW member Hamza Rijal from Tiny Island of Zanzibar reported: On 12th May 2021 hilal was not sighted in tiny Island of Zanzibar, we are completing 30 days for Ramadhan, Mufty office declared to complete 30 days of Ramdhan and Eid will celebrate on Friday 14th May 2021.

  • Trinidad and Tobago:

    1. Seen: MCW member Umar Abdullah from Bon Accord, Tobago reported: Today, Wednesday, 12th May 2021, after sunset we looked for the new moon of Shawwaal 1442 AH. The moon was SIGHTED. Therefore the month of Ramadhan, 1442 has completed 29 days. Hence the 1st night of Shawwaal 1442 would be the night of Wednesday 12th May 2021 and the first day of Shawwaal 1442 would be Thursday 13th May 2021.
      ocation: lat: 10 35 long: 61 21: Time of Sunset: 18:19: Time of the first appearance of the crescent: 18:52: Pressure: 1015.2 mb: Temperature: 27 �C: Relative humidity: 82%

  • UK:

    1. Not Seen: MCW member Juned Patel from Bolton Lancshire reported: �On Monday, 12th of May 2021 (29 Ramadan) between 17:00 to 22:00 (Sunset 20:59 & Moonset 21:54) at Location: Rivington Rd, Bolton, UK; we group of 30 people attempted to sight the crescent moon (Hilal) of Ramadan. We were not able to sight the Hilal (the crescent moon) through naked eyes, binoculars, and telescope. However, I could manage to confirm the position of the moon using enhanced CCD imaging technics and managed to image the New Invisible Moon, which is obviously not called the crescent moon. Click on the picture to see full size.
      Click on the picture to see full size.

  • USA:

    1. Seen: Council of Shia Muslim Scholars in North America announced: The Moon-Sighting Committee of the Council of Shia Muslim Scholars of North America announces that Thursday, May 13th, 2021 will be the first day of the month of Shawwal, 1442 A.H. for the entire region of North America.
      This determination is based on the fact that there were verified sightings of the crescent moon by the naked eye at sunset on Wednesday, May 12th, 2021 in in Richmond and Springfield, Virginia, Potomac, Maryland, and New Jersey, and that consequently, it will be sighted in the middle and western states if there are no obstacles such as clouds.

    2. Seen: MCW member Dr Javad Torabinejad from Blacksburg VA reported: Today (Wednesday, May 12, 2021), the crescent moon was sighted in Blacksburg, VA (Lat: 37� 15' 40" N, Lng: 80� 26' 56" W, and elevation: 646 meters). With prior knowledge of the approximate position of the moon in the sky according to Stellarium software and the actual observation of Venus during the past two days, using a pair of binoculars (7X50), I started looking for the planet in small clearings. The first optical aided sighting of Venus was at 8:35 pm. In the absence of clouds, I could have sighted Venus much earlier even with naked eye as I did last evening at 8:29 pm. The size of the clearing was small and perhaps it was one of the reasons that I could not see the close-by crescent moon at that time. Thicker lower clouds made the sighting more difficult. By this time, our hope was to see the crescent prior to setting in a band of clearing hugging the horizon. In fact, that is exactly what happened; my first binocular sighting was at 9:01 pm followed by naked eye sighting a minute later. The moon's horns were approximately at 3:00 and 6:30 O'clock (3:00;5:00;6:30). It took a few minutes for the moon to disappear behind the distant mountains before the actual moonset listed for Blacksburg at 9:22 pm. By this time, all ten of us had seen the moon by naked eye. At 8:55 pm, the temperature, dew point, relative humidity, and pressure were 51.0 F, 35.0 F, 53%, and 30.27 in, respectively.

    3. Seen: MCW member Imam Hamid Quraishi Imam Islamic Center of Winona (ICW) Winona MN reported: We were unable to sight the Shawal crescent moon this evening due to the sky was very cloudy in Winona, MN. How ever ICW announced the first day of Shawal (Eid ul Fitr) will be on May 13, 2021 based on the moonsighting info available from within USA.

    4. Seen: Dr. Mohamed Lotfy from Aurora Colorado reported: Al-hamdou-LILLAH the crescent of the month of Shawal 1442 was seen in Aurora Colorado, around 8:50 pm tonight May 12, 2021. There was a cloud cover but we managed to see it (myself and my son Abdelrahman- 25 years old) when it dropped below the cloud cover at about 4 degrees above the horizon. See picture on the right taken by my son Abdelrahman. Click on the picture to see full size.

    5. Seen: MCW member Mohamedraza H.Janmohamed from Sanford FL reported: The Moonsighting Sub-committee wishes to inform the community that the new crescent for Mahe Shawwal 1442 AH was sighted in Orlando, FL as well as many cities in the USA on Wednesday, May 12, 2021. Therefore, the 1st Day of Mahe Shawwal [EID-UL-FITR], 1442 AH is established as THURSDAY, MAY 13th, 2021.

    6. Seen: MCW member Shahnoor Syed, On Behalf of Mahdavia Ruiyat e Hilal of Chicago, IL reported: Hilal-New Moon of Shawwal was sighted at multiple locations across North America on Wednesday, May12, 2021 i.e. the 29th of Ramzan ul Mubarak 1442H. Consequently, Eid ul Fitr ( first of Shawwal) will be on Thursday, May 13, 2021 in North America.

    7. Seen: Mr Naeem Sarfraz from East Haven, CT reported: We sighted the moon this evening, May 12, Wednesday in East Haven CT. There were three men and four women present. Picture is attached.

    8. Seen: Engineer JoYNaL AbediN from Buffalo, NY reported: The moon was sighted with naked eye on 12th May, 2021 in Buffalo New York. Click on the picture to see full size.

    9. Seen: Imam Abdur�Rauf from Albuquerque, New Mexico reported: Imam Abdur�Rauf Campos-Marquetti and several Community members went out tonight (May 12th, 2021) to the foothills of the Sandia Mountains, in the City of Albuquerque, New Mexico to sight the hilal moon. We first sighted the planet Venus at 8:25pm MST, then sighted by naked eye a very thin and young crescent Moon at 8:32pm MST, just to the left of Venus. Sunset: 8:03pm MST; Moonset: 9:06pm MST; Moon Direction: 308.0-degrees from North (NW)

  • Zambia:

    1. Not Seen: MCW member Moulana Imtiyaz Misbahi, Imam Of Masjid Noor-e-Mohammedi from Lusaka reported: Today on Wednesday 12 May 2021, moon was not sighted in lusaka Zambia. Eid UL fitr will be on Friday. 14th May 2021 2021.

May 13, 2021 (Thursday):

  • Egypt:

    1. Seen: MCW member Dr Hisham M. Hamed from Cairo reported: Tonight, here in Giza (30.0�N, 31.2�E) Thu, May 13th, the Hilal of Shawwal appeared at 18:43:42, just after the Adhan of Maghreb. Apparent sunset was at 18:40. I had spotted it several seconds earlier but I decided to look away and back again to confirm. Then I stopped the stopwatch. Pressure, Temperature, and relative humidity were 1011.8mb, 30.0�C, and 36.0% respectively. Attached is a deliberately overexposed shot that shows the Illuminated arc, and the rest of moon illuminated faintly by Earth shine.

  • Fiji Islands:

    1. Seen: Mohammed Uzair of Lautoka, Fiji reported: I sighted the moon here in Lautoka at 6:08 pm on the 13th of May, 2021. Eid is on May 14, Friday.

  • India:

    1. Seen: MCW member Zaid Duch from Nadiad, Gujrat reported: I sighted the crescent moon (Hilal) of Shawwal 1442; today on Thursday, 13th of May 2021 (30 Ramadan 1442); at location Navi Masjid,Nadiad,Gujarat, India. The Crescent moon was sighted with a naked eye at 19:23.

  • Pakistan:

    1. Seen: Mr Mohammad Umair Mirza from Lahore reported: I sighted the crescent moon (Hilal) of Shawwal 1442; on Thursday, 13th of May 2021 at my home (Exact Location: 31.58740 N, 74.38407 E), near Shalimar Gardens, Lahore, Pakistan. The Crescent moon was sighted with a naked eye at 19:18:53.

1st Day of Eid al-Fitr in all Countries (updated when more information is available)
May 13, 2021Afghanistan (Follow Saudi)
May 13, 2021Albania (Follow Saudi)
????Algeria (Follow
May 13, 2021Angola (follow Turkey)
May 13, 2021Armenia (Follow Saudi)
May 14, 2021Australia (Official & Religeous Authorities)
May 13, 2021Austria (Follow Saudi)
May 13, 2021Azerbaijan (Follow Saudi)
May 13, 2021Bahrian (Follow Saudi)
May 14, 2021Bangladesh (Official Announcement)
May 13, 2021Barbados (Local Sighting)
May 13, 2021Belgium (Follow Saudi)
May 13, 2021Bolivia (Follow Saudi)
May 13, 2021Bosnia and Hercegovina (Follow Turkey)
????Brunei (Local Sighting)
May 13, 2021Bulgaria (Follow Saudi)
May 13, 2021Burkina Faso (Follow Saudi)
May 13, 2021Cameroon (Official Announcement)
May 13, 2021Canada (Toronto Hilal Committee)
May 13, 2021Canada (FCNA - Fiqh Council of North America)
May 13, 2021Chechnia (Follow Saudi)
May 13, 2021Chile (Local Sighting)
????China (Local Sighting)
May 13, 2021Colombia (Follow Chile sighting)
May 13, 2021Croatia (Follow Turkey)
????Dagestan (Local Sighting)
May 13, 2021Denmark (Follow Saudi)
May 13, 2021Egypt - Moon Born before sunset & moon sets at least 5 minutes after sunset
May 14, 2021Ethiopia (Local Sighting)
May 14, 2021Fiji Islands (Local Sighting)
May 13, 2021Finland (Calculations)
????France (UOIF - Union of the Islamic Organizations of France)
May 13, 2021France (CFCM - French Council of Muslims) Altitude > 5�, elongation > 8�
May 13, 2021Georgia (Follow Saudi)
May 13, 2021Germany (European Council for Fatwa & Research - anywhere on the globe Altitude > 5�, elongation > 8�)
May 13, 2021Ghana (Local Sighting)
May 13, 2021Guyana (Local SightingLocal Sighting)
May 13, 2021Hungary (Follow Saudi)
May 13, 2021Iceland (Follow Saudi)
May 12, 2021India - Hijri Committee of India
May 13, 2021India (Kerala)
May 14, 2021India (Local Sighting)
May 13, 2021Indonesia (Official Announcement)
May 14, 2021Indonesia (Local Sighting)
May 13, 2021Iran (Official Announcement)
May 13, 2021Iraq (Sunnis Follow Saudi)
May 13, 2021Ireland (European Council for Fatwa & Research - anywhere on the globe Altitude > 5�, elongation > 8�)
May 13, 2021Italy (Follow Saudi)
May 13, 2021Japan (Follow Saudi)
May 13, 2021Jordan (Follow Saudi)
May 13, 2021Kazakhstan (Follow Saudi)
May 14, 2021Kenya (Local Sighting)
May 13, 2021Kosovo (Follow Turkey)
May 13, 2021Kuwait (Follow Saudi)
May 13, 2021Kyrgizstan (Follow Saudi)
May 13, 2021Lebanon (Follow Saudi)
????Libya (Official Announcement)
May 13, 2021Luxembourg (European Council for Fatwa & Research - anywhere on the globe Altitude > 5�, elongation > 8�)
May 13, 2021Macedonia (Follow Turkey)
May 14, 2021Madagascer (Local Sighting)
May 14, 2021Malawi (Local Sighting)
????Malaysia (Official Announcement)
May 12, 2021Mali (Official Announcement)
????Malaysia (Official Announcement)
May 13, 2021Mauritania (Follow Saudi)
May 14, 2021Mauritania (Local Sighting)
May 14, 2021Mauritius (Local Sighting)
May 13, 2021Montenegro (Follow Turkey)
May 13, 2021Morocco (Local Sighting)
May 13, 2021Mozambique (Local Sighting)
????Namibia (Local Sighting)
May 13, 2021Netherlands (Follow Saudi)
May 14, 2021New Zealand (Local Sighting)
May 13, 2021Nigeria (Local Sighting)
May 13, 2021Norway (Islamic Council of Norway - follow annoncement from any Muslim country
May 13, 2021Norway (Some follow Saudi)
May 13, 2021Oman (Local Sighting or follow Saudi)
May 13, 2021Pakistan (Local Sighting)
May 13, 2021Palestine (Follow Saudi)
????Peru (Local Sighting)
May 13, 2021Philippines (Follow Saudi)
????Poland (Calculation)
May 13, 2021Portugal (Follow Saudi)
May 13, 2021Qatar (Follow Saudi)
May 13, 2021Romania (Follow Saudi)
May 14, 2021South Africa (Local Sighting)
May 14, 2021R�union (island) (Local Sighting)
May 13, 2021Russia (Follow Saudi)
May 13, 2021Saudi Arabia (Local Sighting - Official Announcement)
May 13, 2021Serbia (Follow Turkey)
????Senegal (Local Sighting)
May 13, 2021Singapore (Follow Saudi)
May 13, 2021Slovania (Follow Turkey)
May 14, 2021South Africa (Local Sighting)
????South Korea (Local Sighting)
May 13, 2021Spain (Union of Islamic Communities of Spain (, Islamic Commission of Spain)
May 14, 2021Sri Lanka (Local Sighting)
May 13, 2021Sudan (Follow Saudi)
May 13, 2021Suriname (News from Guyana if not seen in Suriname)
May 13, 2021Sweden (Follow Saudi)
May 13, 2021Switzerland (Follow Saudi)
May 13, 2021Syria (Follow Saudi)
May 13, 2021Taiwan (Follow Saudi)
May 13, 2021Tajikistan (Follow Saudi)
May 14, 2021Tanzania (Majority Local Sighting)
May 13, 2021Tatarstan (Follow Saudi)
????Thailand (Announcement)
May 13, 2021Togo (Follow Saudi)
May 13, 2021Trinidad & Tobago (Local Sighting)
????Tunisia (Criteria of age, or sunset-moonset lag)
May 13, 2021Turkey (Elongation > 8� & Altitude > 5� anywhere on globe) Possibility of telescopic sighting
May 13, 2021Turkmenistan (Follow Saudi)
May 13, 2021U.A.E. (Follow Saudi)
????Uganda (Local Sighting)
May 13, 2021UK (Follow Saudi)
May 13, 2021UK [Coordinated by Major Islamic Centres and Mosques of London]
May 13, 2021UK [(Wifaaqul ulama), (Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat)], OR (Sighting from countries east of UK)
May 13, 2021USA (FCNA/ISNA (Fiqh Council of North America)
May 13, 2021USA (Local Sighting)
May 13, 2021Uzbekistan (Follow Saudi)
May 13, 2021Yemen (Follow Saudi)
May 14, 2021Zambia (Local Sighting)
????Zimbabwe (Local Sighting)

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