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A book of about 72 pages, "Memoirs of Prophet Muhammad's Life" has been written by Khalid Shaukat. This book presents the calculated dates for important events during the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad -- peace be upon him, according to the Christian calendar. It is recognized that in the era of the Prophet, a lunisolar calendar was prevailing in Arabia with the practice of intercalation, adding a 13th month in some years to bring the lunar calendar in line with the solar calendar so that the most important annual events would fall in the same seasons every year. It was needed to understand the dates presented in early Seerah literature according to the Arab calendar checking the dates in lunisolar calendar. Modern computerized calculations are used that are based on the visibility of the new crescent moon for lunar months corresponding to Christian calendar dates.

The Christian calendar's dates of important events, like the birth date of the Prophet, the date he married Hadrat Khadija, the date of his Prophethood, and the date of his ascension to heavens (Me'raj), are calculated. In this book, tables are presented showing the first day of every lunar month and corresponding lunisolar month along with the Christian date from the period of 13 years before the Hijrah to the Prophet's departure from this world. A chronology of the Prophet's lifespan is presented in a separate table documenting most important events in lunar, lunisolar, and Christian (Julian) calendars. It is proven that 12th Rabi al-Awwal is the correct date for ALL THREE EVENTS, the Prophet's birth date, his arrival in Medinah, and his departure from this world.
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The next moonsighting date is Tuesday, April 29 only in USA and Pacific Ocean. Others will see it on April 30.
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With a powerful telescope and a double field-flattener binoculars you'll be able to see quite distant images in the skies.

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