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"Memoirs of Prophet Muhammad's Life" written by Khalid Shaukat presents the dates in the Christian calendar for all important events in the Prophet's life, such as his birth, Splitting the moon, Me'raj, migration to Medinah, battles of Badr, Uhad, Khandaq, and his death. Computer calculations are used for visibility of new crescent moon for lunar months corresponding to Christian calendar. It is proven that 12th Rabi al-Awwal (Monday) is the correct date for ALL THREE EVENTS, the Prophet's birth, his arrival in Medinah, and his death. A copy of the manuscript can be sent by postage mail, for cost of xeroxing and mailing. Request by clicking on:

The next moon sighting date is September 24 for Polynesian Islands, and September 25 for the rest of the world.

Where is the Hijri Calendar?
"Our deen is perfect. We do moonsighting for Ramadan and Eids; other months who cares"

It is observed that different dates are being given for the same day in Arab News and Saudi Gazzets which is quite embarrassing and mockery to the religion of Allah. If we are not able to maintain the proper lunar dates, why do we use it? Confusion in lunar dates continues where different dates are published for a given day even within the same country. Would Allah insist human something which is not practical?? Why can't we complete Eid prayer on the same day (e.g., Friday) on the globe if we could perform the Friday Jumu'a on the same day in 24 hours time - a serious matter to ponder!

Can you afford to accept two dates for the same day in an air-port? What chaos and confusion would it cause if that happens? Why people don't understand despite Qura'an made it clear that moon phases are dates for mankind and for Hajj (meaning for both religious and worldly affair)? Scholars of the communities been mocking at Allah's religion by giving 3 dates for the same day and it is high time to end this drama and ego spat. Allah has given an error free lunar calendar for the Muslims who are supposed to be the best community among the people. However, Muslims all over the world depend upon the erroneous solar calendar despite we know that all rituals in our religion are based on time and dates according to lunar calendar.

With a powerful telescope and a double field-flattener binoculars you'll be able to see quite distant images in the skies.
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