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Are you Americans aware of the Great American Total Solar Eclipse occurring on Monday 29th day of Zul Qi'dah 1438 (21 August 2017) which will sweep across USA.
If the month of Zul Qi'dah does not start from Monday (24th July) this Eclipse will fall on 28th or 27th day of "Islamic lunar month". Such an action will start month of Zul Hijja on a wrong day, resulting in Hajj Pilgrimage falling on wrong days !! May Almighty Allah forbade !!
Hajj must fall on August 31, 2017 (Thursday).

The next sighting of the new crescent is possible in Polynesian Island on July 23 Sunday. Rest of the world would see it on July 24 Monday.

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July 24, 2017 (Mon)
Dhul-Qida 1, 1438 AH

Date by Fiqh Council
of N. America and ISNA
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