Chronology of Early Scholars of Islam with color coding
(Caliphs from Sahaba, Isna-'Ashari(12)Imams, Fiqh Imams (4), Sihah-Sitta Authors, & others)

Compiled by Khalid Shaukat (of Moonsighting.com)

The chronology presented here gives an understanding of the time difference and generation gaps of famous names in early Islamic history, e.g., Imam Abu-Hanifah was early enough to have seen some Sahaba, while Imam Maalik, Imam Shafi'i, and Imam Ahmad bin-Hambal had not met or seen any Sahaba. Compare the time frame of Imam Bukhari & Imam Muslim with those of Imam Maalik or Imam Abu-Hanifah. See the times of 12 Imams of Isna-'ashari (The Twelvers) faith.

Hadrat Abu-Bakar Siddiq 51 BH/573 CE, Makkah First Khalifah of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), Khalifatur-Rasool in RBA 11 AH JMT 24, 13 AH/23 August 634 (Tue) Medinah
Hadrat Umar ibn alKhattab 41 BH/582 Makkah Second Khalifah, Title "Ameerul-Momineen" was first adopted in JMT 13 AH Muharram 2, 24 AH/7 Nov 644 (Sun) Medinah
Uthman ibn Affaan 47 BH/577 Makkah Ameerul-Momineen, Third Khalifah in Muharram 24 AH and was killed in 35 AH 18 Zul-Hijja 35 AH/17 June 656 (Friday) Medinah
Imam Ali ibn Abi-Taalib(1) 13 Rajab 23BH/600 Makkah Ameerul-Momineen, Fourth Khalifah was assasinated in 40 AH 21 Ramadan 40 AH/28 January 661 (Thu) Kufah
Imam Hasan ibn Ali (2) 15 Ramadan 3 AH/28 May 625 (Tue) Medinah Ameerul-Momineen (5th Khalifah), 1st son of Ali & Fatima, Nawasa-e-Rasool (pbuh), was poisoned Safar 49 or 50 AH/669 or 670 Medinah
Mo'awiah ibn Abi-Sufian 12 BH/611 Makkah 6th Khalifah[Brother-in-law of the Prophet(pbuh)] 60 AH/680 Dimashq
Imam Husain ibn Ali (3) 3 Sha'ban 4 AH/8 Jan 626 (Wednesday) Medinah Shaheed-e-Karbala, Second son of Ali & Fatimah, Grand Child of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) 10 Muharram 61 AH/9 Oct 680 (Tue) Karbala, Iraq
Imam Ali Zainul-Abideen (4) 5 Sha'ban 38 AH/5 Jan 659 (Saturday) Medinah Son of Imam Husain 25 Muharram 95 AH/20 Oct 713 (Friday) Medinah
Imam Muhammad Baqir (5) 1 Rajab 57 AH/9 May 677 (Saturday) Medinah Son of Imam Ali Zainul-Abideen 7 Zul-Hijja 114 AH/28 Jan 733 (Wednesday) Medinah
Imam Abu-Hanifa 80 AH/699 Kufah, Iraq Taabai, Scholar of Fiqh, student of Imam Baqir & Imam Ja'far Sadiq, author of Kitabul-asaar 150 AH/767 Baghdad, Iraq
Imam Ja'far Sadiq (6) 17 Rabi-al-Awwal 83 AH/10 Apr 702 (Monday) Medinah Taabai, Son of Imam Baqir and was Imam of Fiqh Ja'fari 25 Shawwal 148 AH/13 Dec 765 (Fri) Medinah
Imam Maalik ibn Anas 93 AH/712 Medinah Taba-Taabai, Author of Muatta Book of Hadith & Scholar of Fiqh, student of Imam Ja'far Sadiq 179 AH/795 Medinah
Abu-Yusuf (Hanafi) 113 AH/731 Kufah, Iraq Taba-Taabai, Student of Abu-Hanifah 187 AH/803 Baghdad, Iraq
Up to the time of Imam Ja'far Sadiq, friends of Ali (Shi'aan-e-Ali) were not considered any different from other Muslims. Imam Ja'far Sadiq had two sons, Isma'il and Musa al-Kazim. Followers of Isma'il become the "Seveners" or "Ismailis. Followers of Musa al-Kazim become the "Twelvers" who believed that the lineage of Imam continued with Imam Musa al-Kazim. Beginning of Shi'ism was not documented before this time, but long after, when the concept of 12 Imams became the basis of Shi'as after the 12th Imam's disappearance in 878 CE.
Imam Musa Kazim Son of Imam Ja'far Sadiq (7) 7 Safar 129 AH/27 Oct 745 (Thu) born in Al-Abwa near Medinah 7th Imam, died in prison 25 Rajab 183 AH/1 Sep 799 (Sunday) Kadhimiya
Imam Muhammad 132 AH/750 Wasit, Iraq Student of Imam Maalik, Abu-Yusuf, Abu-Hanifa 189 AH/805 Baghdad, Iraq
Imam Muhammad Al-Shafi'i 150 AH/767 Ghaza Student of Imam Musa Kazim 204 AH/819 Egypt
Imam Ali Reza (8) 11 Zul-Qa'da 153 AH/4 Nov 770 (Sunday) Medinah Son of Imam Musa Kazim 17 Safar 203 AH/24 Aug 818 (Tue) Mash'had, Iran
Imam Ahmad ibn Hambal 164 AH/780 Baghdad Student of Imam Shafi'i, Scholar of Fiqh 241 AH/855 Baghdad
Imam Bukhari 194 AH/810 Bukhara, Khurasan Compiler of the most authentic Hadith book 256 AH/870 Samarqand
Imam Jawwad Taqi (9) 10 Rajab 195 AH/8 April 811 (Tues) Medinah Full name was Imam Muhammad Jawwad Taqi Son of Imam Ali Reza 30 Zul-Qa'da 220 AH/26 Nov 835 (Fri) Kadhimiya
Imam Abu-Daood 202 AH/817 Sistan Iran Scholar and Compiler of Hadith 275 AH/889 Basrah, Iraq
Imam Muslim 206 AH/821 Nishapur, Iran Compiler of 2nd most authentic Hadith book 261 AH/875 Nishapur, Iran
Imam Ibn Maja 209 AH/824 Qazwin, Iran Scholar and Compiler of Hadith 273 AH/887 Qazwin, Iran
Imam Tirmidhi 209 AH/824 Tirmidh, Iran Scholar and Compiler of Hadith 279 AH/892 Tirmidh, Iran
Imam Nasaai 214 AH/829 Khurasan, Iran Scholar and Compiler of Hadith 303 AH/915 Egypt
Imam Ali Naqi (10) 5 Rajab 215 AH/28 Aug 830 (Sunday) Surba, Iraq Son of Imam Muhammad Jawwad Taqi 3 Rajab 254 AH/28 June 868 (Mon) Samarra, Iraq
Imam Hasan Askari (11) 10 Rabi-al-Thani 232 AH/3 Dec 846 (Friday) Samarra, Iraq Son of Imam Ali Naqi 8 Rabi-al-Awwal 260 AH/1 Jan 874 (Fri) Samarra, Iraq
Imam Muhammad Mahdi Son of Imam Hasan Askari (12) 15 Sha'ban 255 AH/29 July 869 (Friday) Samarra, Iraq Followers of Isna'ashari faith (The Twelvers)
believe that he is still alive, hiding, will re-appear
near Judgment Day to fill the world with justice.
Disappeared at age 9 in 878 CE
BH = Before Hijra     AH = After Hijra     CE = Common Era
Chronolgy for Caliphs from Sahaba is taken from various books on Islamic history.
Isna-Ash'ari Imams chronology is basically taken from "Millat-e-Islamia ki Mukhtasar Tareekh" by Sarwat Saulat, Page 157.
Chronology for Fiqh Imams is taken from "Tazkira Imam Abu-Hanifah" by Jamil Ahmad Sharqpuri, various pages.
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